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Traffic Marking

quality restriping service for traffic marking

How many times have you missed a turn off because it hasn’t been marked properly on the roads? The paint on the road is extremely important not just to help show people the right way to go, but also to prevent serious accidents from happening on the roads. Getting the paint on the road is no easy feat though, in order to get a consistent, straight and clear application takes years of experience with all the right tools and materials. There are plenty of contractors offering the service at a discounted rate, but more often than not you end up getting lines that aren’t even close to straight and look terrible, with a couple of months being all it takes for the lines to get erased almost entirely. Don’t settle for a subpar job, let us take care of it for you and you’ll be amazed at the results you see on your strip of road.

Road Stenciling

Not many people will know this, but the stencils used on the road are actually strictly controlled by each individual state, as they need to be consistent so there isn’t any confusion for drivers on the road. If the signals don’t line up properly and change from street to street, it can confuse and distract drivers, causing all sorts of drama on the roads. We have all the different approved stencils in our possession, so no matter what it is we can help mark your road according to the state requirements. We can also help to build custom stencils if it’s for a private road.

Centre and Side Lines

The centre and side lines are the most important to get right, if not enough room is allowed then accidents are almost a certainty, and wobbly lines can be very distracting for drivers. We have special truck mounted painting tools to help us keep perfectly straight lines on the roads, so your section of road looks professional and perfect. We can also help source the cats eyes that get stamped into the ground to reflect light and keep drivers alert for the road markings late at night.


The paint we use on the roads is no ordinary wall paint, we use highly specialized road marking paint to make sure the best results are achieved, and you have road markings that are bright and last a long time. The paint we use doesn’t just harden like most paints would, but chemically bond itself to the surface of the road, making it considerably harder to wear out over time.

Touch Ups

Despite the quality of the paint, sometimes things happen on the road to erase some of the paint, or maybe some changes need to be made to the road markings. When this is the case, we can come and make small adjustments and touch ups to the road to keep it looking great and clear all year long, just give us a call and let us know what adjustments need to be done to your road markings.

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