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Tennis Court Restriping

quality restriping service for tennis court

Ready for a fun game of tennis this weekend? It can be disheartening when you get yourself ready, grab all your gear and get to the court only to see that the paint has all been washed away by last nights rain. The markings on a tennis court are very important for the flow of the game, if you don’t know what is out and what is in, then the whole scoring system goes out of the window. So many people choose to spray the court themselves with paint from the hardware store, but so often they find that the paint barely lasts a month, after some sun and rain the paint is all but washed away without a trace. We use high quality paint that forms a bond with the surface of the court, making it last longer through all kinds of weather and wear.

Regulation Size Tennis Courts

Tennis is a game that is played all over the world, because of its popularity there are very strict regulations on the size, shape and markings in a tennis court. Of course this matters less if the tennis court is a private residential one, but if you have competitive tennis courts that need marking, you want to be certain that your courts are being painted according to the rules laid out for tennis court sizes. We have been spraying courts for professional and amateur owners for years and have perfected our skills in doing so. We are able to spray your court exactly as it should be, with millimeter accuracy to the regulation size rules.

Paint Materials

It may surprise you to know just how many paint options there are available for painting a tennis court. If you’ve been to a paint store before, you will have seen the rows upon rows of paint supplies available - there are so many different formulas designed to be used for different applications. We have tested many different types of paints to find the right one to be used on tennis courts, to ensure that it has the strongest bond with the surface and lasts as long a possible. With so many people running on them and often being totally exposed to the elements, a tough bond needs to be made to make sure the markings stay visible for as long as possible.

Timely Service

There’s nothing worse than waiting at the tennis court for your opponent to arrive, leaving you to wait and keep yourself entertained while they arrive late. The same can be said for the team maintaining your courts, we don’t want you to be waiting on us before game day, which is why we make sure we are on time to every appointment.

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

Tennis is a great sport because you get to enjoy it outside, seeing nature all around you as you play - that nature needs to be protected to be enjoyed, so we make sure we only use environmentally friendly chemicals that don’t harm the environment around it. We want to limit the damage we do when we apply our line marking paint.

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