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Running Track Restriping

quality restriping service for running track

Running tracks provide a fun and competitive space for people of all ages to enjoy, whether its around a local park or part of a proper competition complex, the running track is normally the crowning jewel as the running sports are so gruelling and entertaining to watch. The markings on a running track are extremely important to the runners to keep them spread evenly apart, they are also quite difficult to achieve properly, as they need to be perfectly sprayed and measured to make sure there’s an even playing field for all the runners in the competition. These are the smaller details that most restriping services won’t bother with when they mark a running track, but it’s what we take pride in doing for our customers.

Tough and Durable Paint

When you think about the abuse a running track takes, with all those runners putting all their energy into being the fastest down the track, often with studs on their shoes to keep traction, and with the sun beating down on the track all day, then the rain blasting on it - it’s no wonder that the markings wear off so quickly. When it comes to running tracks, you need to make sure the best quality paint is being used otherwise you’ll be out there spraying it the following week once everything has been worn off. We go to great length to make sure the best paint is being used, we often test new formulas that are supposed to be improved specifically for running tracks to make sure you get the best possible result.

Application Tools

The tools we use to apply the paint are more than just a spray gun attached to a handle - we have specialized equipment that applies the paint in perfectly straight or curved lines as required. We even have access to robotic equipment that uses GPS systems to keep them on track and keep those lines absolutely dead straight. We have all the tools we need to be able to make sure your track looks as professional as possible, after we spray your track you’ll be ready to host the olympics

Custom Paint Jobs

Not all tracks are made to be the same, if your running track also has other events involved with it, we can do custom spray jobs to include other sports and make sure they are sprayed to regulation. Whatever it is that you need sprayed on your track we are sure to accommodate, just let us know what you need and we’ll be sure to have it sorted out for you.

Ongoing Maintenance

It doesn’t matter just how high quality the paint that you use is, eventually it will need to be repsrayed to make sure the surface looks perfect all the way around your track. We can come with the tools and paint to touch up any parts of the track that have faded or worn off, so your track looks as good as new again.

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