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Parking Lot Restriping

quality restriping service for parking lot

Have you ever been to those music festivals where they make you park in a field that doesn’t have any lines painted in it? It often ends in chaos, with people parking too far away and wasting space or people parking too close and not allowing for the car next to it to open their doors. We know that even when there are lines on the ground not everyone follows it, but it makes it a lot easier to avoid the panic that ensues when people want to leave but they can’t physically maneuver their car out of the spaces. If you have a car parking lot that you are considering getting striped, consider the last time you used a parking lot without lines and realise just how important it is to have perfectly straight, well spaced lines in your parking lot.

Tyre-friendly Paint

The paint in a parking lot cops a real beating almost every day. With heavy cars and trucks rolling over the top and causing the paint to wear off over time. If a poor quality paint product has been used to paint the lines in a parking lot, then it doesn’t take much for that paint to chip and peel right off, as all it does is sit on top of the asphalt and harden. Good quality paint will actually form a chemical bond with the surface of the road, causing it to lock against it the surface and be much more difficult to wear off, no matter what kind of surface its bonded to. Let us use our high quality paint to make sure your markings last longer than ever, so you don’t need to have it restriped as often.

Parking Signals

The parking signals on the ground of a parking lot perform a very important roll, people are so used to being told what to do when they drive that without the signals you can have drivers getting up to all kinds of mischief without even realising it. Make the lives of the people using your parking lot easier by having clearly marked and indicated parking signals throughout the parking lot so people know exactly where to go when they arrive and leave.

Post Paint Coatings

If your parking lot gets more traffic than average, it may be worth considering an additional coating over the top of the paint to help protect it from the higher rate of wear. The coating simply gets sprayed over the top of the painted markings and gives it an additional layer of protection to wear through first before spraying again.

Touch Ups

Over time your markings will fade no matter how good the paint job was, so when this happens we are able to come and touch up any parts that have been faded. We can go over existing lines or even move them around to be more efficient. Once we have touched up the lines in your parking lot you’ll be amazed at how bright and brilliant they look!

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