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Parking Garage Restriping

quality restriping service for parking garage

If you have ever tried to park in a parking garage that hasn’t been signed properly, you know exactly why the paint is so important for the proper use of the garage. Without the right signage, drivers can end up parking all over the place and making a mess of the garage, and without the right lines down the middle of the road there can even be the risk of accidents as people don’t know how much room to give the other vehicle. Don’t run into the risk of having accidents in your parking garage, get the markings painted accurately and to a high quality so that there are no issues and you can enjoy perfect parking every time. We offer reliable and consistently high quality painting services for surfaces of all kinds, including parking garages.

Standard Car Widths

The standard American vehicle isn’t quite that standard these days, with all kinds of vehicles getting around the roads that have different widths. It can be hard to know how much space you should allow, and that mostly depends on the location and purpose of your parking garage. There is no standard answer to this, so we can work with you and assess the size that you should set your parking garage’s spaces to be able to accomodate the majority of users.

Painting Process

A lot of people think that most line marking can be done with a spray can and some cardboard offcuts, spraying the ground and just waiting for it to dry. This may work if its in your own home garage, but when you need a commercial parking garage painted, quality and technique is much more important. We have a rigorous method of prepping the surface that we paint, using professional painting tools and finishing the painted area if required to make sure that each and every line stands the test of time. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes when you see the work that we do compared to an amateur with a can of white spray paint.

Coating Materials

The paint that is usually used for line marking can be of quite low quality, just setting on the surface and quite easy to chip off with enough cars and foot traffic going over it. Thats why we invest in higher quality paint that forms a chemical bond with the surface its sprayed on. We also having coating treatments that can go over the top to add further strength in high traffic areas so you don’t have to continually pay for more and more painting to be done.

Touch Ups and Maintenance

We know just how hard wearing tyres and vehicles can be on paint, which is why we offer ongoing maintenance and touch ups when they are needed to make sure all the paint stays consistent and looks bright and obvious in your parking garage. We can come with our gear and quickly fix up any issues that have happened and leave it looking back to normal in no time.

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