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About Us

professional restriping services expert

It’s not until you have to drive down an unmarked road that you realise just how much you rely on the road markings to keep you on the right path. Even just the middle line can drastically reduce the chances of an accident. Thats why we take our work so seriously, without the lines we put on the road the resultant chaos would be huge and quite dangerous. We pride ourselves in our road marking skills, with years of experience refining the paint we use along with the tools and skills we’ve acquired along the way. Road marking, among other line marking tasks, is no easy feat, so finding a skilled and affordable service is hard to do. We pride ourselves in being both, working hard to keep our costs low and our quality high for our customers.

The secret to our success is our passion for perfection, we strive daily to be better at what we do, with our team constantly upskilling and consistently reinvesting into our own infrastructure to make sure we are providing the best service possible. If you want to get the best marking done on your tennis court, parking lot or stretch of road, then Cincinnati Restriping has the service for you. Simply get in touch with us to organize a call out, and one of our technicians will come and visit, work out exactly what you need and give you a quote on the spot, so you can get started as soon as possible.

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