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Cincinnati Restriping

Cincinnati Restriping

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Have you ever tried parking your car in a parking lot without the aid of the lines to show you where to park straight? It doesn’t matter how great you are at driving, parking square is not an easy task without a little bit of help. Thats why the lines are there, to make everyones life easier - if your parking lot has faded lines, then the best team to call is Cincinnati Restriping, they can help touch up those lines so they are bright and visible to all attempting to park in your parking lot.

About Us

You know those kids in school that are really good at coloring in between the linesand drawing perfect circles? This is where we all ended up! All our team are highly trained painters and have an affinity for marking a perfect line or circle, this affinity is what has brought us so much success in business. We have developed our methods, tools and attitudes to suit our customers over the years and now are one of the leading restriping experts in the state!

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Our Services

Whether it be on tarmac, concrete, grass or track, no surface is safe from our expert striping skills. We have the tools and materials to mark almost every surface so no matter what it is you need to be painted up, we can handle it! Just take a look at the services we have to offer and you’ll see the broad range of materials and applications we work with. If any of them tickle your interest, make sure you get in touch with our team to organize a quote and a callout!

professional parking lot restriping service
professional restriping service for pickleball court
professional restriping service for running track

Parking Lot Restriping

Parking garages require a significant amount of painting done to make sure that the parking indications are all clear. The last thing you want is someone driving the wrong way down the levels because they didn’t understand the markings clearly. We can work with you to understand the best flow of traffic and pick the best symbols for everyone to understand and have your garage performing perfectly for you.

Parking Garage Restriping

If you let people choose their own parks, the result is chaos! We’ve all been to those music festivals where you have to park in fields and seen the pursuing chaos as everyone tries to leave at the same time. Control the chaos with appropriate signage on the ground to help guide people where and where not to park.

professional restriping service for tennis court
professional restriping service for traffic marking
professional restriping service for parking garage

Traffic Marking

Ready for a quick game of Pickleball? Don’t get confused by vague and faded markings on the court - we can help respray the lines and keep the game moving with a fresh lick of paint. Just give us a call and we can help to apply a regulation-abiding layer of paint over the surface of the court so you can get back out there and win!

Tennis Court Restriping

Running tracks get a lot of abuse by people using them, often the runners have spiked shoes that tear up the surface and rub out the lines over time. We use high quality paint that doesn’t just adhere to the surface but it bonds with it, making it much more difficult for the runners to wear out the paint job and making it last a lot longer.

professional restriping service for parking lot
professional restriping service for tennis court
professional restriping service for tennis court

Pickleball Court Restriping

Tennis is a very popular game enjoyed on the weekends by couples and singles alike, with that many tennis courts around town its no wonder that its one of the most popular things we end up having to restripe. We are very familiar with the regulation requirements of a tennis court and can have it sprayed and back in action in no time at all, just give us a call and point us in the right direction of the court and we’ll get to business.

Running Track Restriping

Without traffic markings on the road, the roads would be absolute chaos! Its not until the signage isn’t marked properly that you realize how much you rely on proper road markings to get around. Whatever the application is, we can help apply the best quality paint to the roads to make sure no one has any doubts which way to go when they drive down your section of road. We stock all kinds of paint colors, types and stencils to make every road marking job an absolute breeze, just give our team a call to let us know what you need and we’ll be there.

“The carpark at my office was losing the lines and people were using it as an excuse to park in all the wrong places, so I gave Cincinnati Restriping a call to come and solve the issue for me. They were quick to arrive and got the job done really quickly, the lines look great and they’ve held up well to the weather!” - Sarah G.

“We had just moved into our new house that came with a tennis court. Unfortunately the courts paint had faded over the years so it needed to be redone. I tried myself with a spray can but it came out horribly, so instead we called Cincinnati Restriping to handle it for us. They did an excellent job with nice straight lines.” - David H.

“We are a local school and our running track needed to be resprayed as all the lines had worn off from the children running on them. We called in Cincinnati Restriping to handle the job for us and they did a marvelous job. The lines look great and are holding up well to the children playing on them.” - Charles S.

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So you’ve seen enough and you’re ready to chat to someone about your upcoming restriping project? Our customer service team is ready and waiting for your phone call. We love to help our customers out and give them all the information they need - we want you to have all the info you need to make your own decision about your restriping needs, we’re just here to help!

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